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Want to be in a TV show as an extra?

Perform Australia is coordinating extras for an upcoming TV show that's filming in Canberra. If you would like to be a part of it, read on...


What is an extra?

An "extra" is sometimes called a "background artist". Essentially, as an extra, you help create the scene behind the main characters while they are performing. Extras are paid according to an award wage. We have a blog on what it means to be an extra here:

To be a great extra, you need to be someone who:

  • Will show up on time, and never be late
  • Will follow instructions
  • Will wait patiently
  • Will respect the secrecy of the project (i.e. not talk about it or publish social media posts about it) until the production company is ready to launch.

What we are looking for

Applicants with acting experience will be highly regarded - however, if you don't have any experience, please also apply. We are looking for a range of faces and body types to be a part of the show. 

Shooting will take place on WEEKDAYS between NOVEMBER 8 and DECEMBER 15, 2023.

To apply:
You must complete the online form below and:
- Upload THREE (3) photographs of yourself - one full-body shot, and two head-and-shoulders shots in different outfits. If you don't have professional shots, take them in full sunlight, outside, if you can. Images must be less than 10MB each. PLEASE DO NOT WEAR SUNGLASSES IN YOUR PHOTOGRAPHS. We need to see your face! 

-Provide your measurements, for costuming. For this, you will need a measuring tape. If you need help with this, watch this video: 

Do NOT apply if you have:
- Hair that is not a natural colour, e.g. green, pink, blue, etc. 
- Facial piercings, nose rings, etc.
- Tattoos that are large and exposed when wearing regular clothing 

The TV show requires people with natural looks for this particular project.

Adults over 18 are required for this show. Children are not required so please do not upload their photographs.