Learn acting at Kaleen Primary School!

Imagine your child growing in confidence as they explore their creativity through drama!

Perform Australia is pleased to present Kaleen's after-school drama program for 2023.

Drama is a fun and creative activity for kids to explore themselves and their self expression through creative play. Over time, they'll also learn:

  • Confidence standing in front of the group
  • Using the voice and speaking clearly
  • Understanding the body as a communicative tool
  • Expressing feelings and emotion
  • Learning lines and memory skills
  • Responding to cues like words, sounds, and visual cues

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Class Details

When: Tuesdays

Time: 3pm-4:30pm

Where: The School Hall, Kaleen Primary

For: Years K-6.

If we have many children enrol in one age group, and not many in another, we may decide to reduce the class to the main age group, but we will advise parents of any changes after the enrolment cut-off date.

Girl in orange costume acting

What happens in class?

Here's an example of what might happen in class. We might:

  • Start with a warm-up activity, as actors need to warm up their voices and bodies
  • Have an energiser to get our energy up and our ideas pumping
  • Play some drama games that teach us about performing, being playful, and being creative
  • Act out scenes, either from a script (where kids are old enough to read) or improvised (made up on the spot)
  • Practice our listening skills and audience etiquette by acting as an audience for our friends when they perform for us
  • Finish with a drama game and circle time to remind us of what we've learned about being actors.
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Drama for kids

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What our students and their parents say

Francesca Testimonial

Perform Australia drama classes have helped me improve my acting skills and my imagination."

Francesca, Razzle Dazzlers student

Sophie V testimonial

“My daughter Sophie absolutely loves being a part of the Perform Australia family! The classes have helped her with confidence in front of others, and allowed her to feel comfortable in expressing herself in a fun and supportive environment. Soph would love to be an actress and finds lots of inspiration in her classes from both her teacher and peers!"

Emily, Sophie's mum