Imagine your child growing in confidence...

Imagine your child growing in confidence as they explore their creativity through drama!

Perform Australia's Speech Bubbles programs is a fantastic weekly 45-minute speech and drama class in school terms.

In this age group, your child has an innate ability to be creative! Drama is the perfect activity to ignite creativity.

How does it work? 

Each weekly lesson is themed around a phonic sound (e.g. b, p, i, etc), which supports what children are learning at school and preschool. The teacher guides students through a series of drama activities involving creative play, improvisation and storytelling relating to the phonic sound. Throughout each lesson, children develop their self-expression as they  enact a range of characters, actions and emotions.

Your child may:

  • Act out characters from their world and their imagination
  • Learn poems
  • Work on speaking in front of others
  • Refine pronunciation through tongue twisters and other vocal exercises
  • Generate ideas for storytelling games.

Children also work towards a small performance for parents at the end of some terms. Performances are very challenging for 4-6 year-olds, as so many skills need to be exercised at once:

  • Listening for your cue
  • Staying focused
  • Spatial awareness
  • Speaking loudly enough for the audience to hear
  • Remembering lines

Plus, dressing up in costume makes everything so much more exciting!

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The Program

Read on to find out about our program for this year...

Term 1

This term we will look at:

Week 1 - B

Week 2 - P

Week 3 - T

Week 4 - K

Week 5 - Oh

Week 6 - Ee

Week 7 - M

Week 8 - S

Week 9 - Z

Week 10 - G

Term 2

This term we will look at:

Week 1 - F

Week 2 - D

Week 3 - W

Week 4 - L

Week 5 - V

Week 6 - 9 Rehearsal weeks

Week 10 - Performance (in class)

Term 3

This term we will look at:

Week 1 - H

Week 2 - N

Week 3 - Ch

Week 4 - Th

Week 5 - Ah

Week 6 - J

Week 7 - R

Week 8 - Y

Week 9 - Oo

Week 10 - Revision Special

Term 4

This term we will look at
Week 1 - Ng

Week 2 - Sz

Week 3 - I

Week 4 - A

Week 5 - U

Week 6 - O

Week 7-9 Rehearsal

Week 10 - Performance

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Speech Bubbles Drama

What parents say

My child started speaking at almost 5 and has confidence issues around speaking and answering questions verbally. His Speech Bubbles class has not only increased his confidence and ability, but it has increased his social skills and ability to work as part of a team. A great class all around! Thanks!"
— Kimberley, parent

Where our Speech Bubbles classes are held

Click through on the suburb to find the Google Maps location for each acting class in Brisbane or Canberra region. (We will send you detailed location information when you enrol.)

ACT only


Weston, 3:45-4:30pm

Would you like a Speech Bubbles class near you? Gather five friends and we'll get one started!

We can also bring this program to Daycare centres. Please contact our office for more information.

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Cost of Tuition

It's $198 per term. No classes on public holidays. (Fees are adjusted when these occur.)

Enrolment for Term 1 2023