Actor Coaching

in Canberra, Brisbane or on Zoom

Actor auditions coaching

If you're an actor seeking one-on-one classes such as:

  • auditions coaching
  • private vocal coaching
  • accents coaching
  • career coaching
  • counselling to overcome psychological obstacles as an actor

Perform Australia can help. 

Our rate for private actor coaching is $90 per hour.  You will receive a tailored program to assist you with your needs. Depending on your location, we may be able to work with you face-to-face in Canberra or Brisbane, or online via Zoom.

If you are looking for counselling for actors, this can be conducted face-to-face in Canberra or on Zoom to anywhere in the world. The rate for counselling is $110 per hour.

Please fill in the form below to outline your needs so we can match you with the best coach.

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Who are your actor coaches?

We select you a coach from our teaching staff, depending on their areas of expertise and your specialised needs.

Counselling is conducted by a qualified counsellor, in partnership with Hot Cocoa Counselling.

What happens in a private coaching session?

After you submit your enquiry below, one of our staff will get in touch with you to organise a time for your first appointment.

You'll meet one-on-one with our trainer, either face-to-face at our studio or online.

You'll have a chance to talk about your needs, and begin to work on your task, e.g. your audition piece, your vocal work, or whatever you'd like to focus on.

If you require follow-up lessons, they can be booked through our front office on 1300 908 905, or via email.

What can I work on in private actor coaching?

  • You can work on an audition piece for an upcoming audition
  • You can develop your voice through ongoing vocal training
  • You can work on presentation skills, e.g. get assistance preparing for an upcoming event as an MC, host or public speaker
  • You can practise developing accents, or help to refine your own accent
  • You can develop a career plan to advance your career as an actor
  • You can work on blocks that you feel are holding you back from achieving as an actor (in counselling)

Ready to get started?

Simply send your enquiry through below, and we'll be in touch.