Short Courses & Workshops At Perform Australia

Perform Australia runs a range of short courses in acting and related fields every year, in Brisbane and Canberra. Keep an eye on this page to see what's coming up.

The "Try Out Drama School" Workshop

Kaitlyn Boye and Brendan Kelly on set

Curious about going to drama school... but never been? In this one-day workshop in Canberra, you can "try out drama school"!

Under the expert guidance of Brendan Kelly and Kaitlyn Boye, you'll enjoy a taste of some of the topics you'd encounter in our 10915NAT Certificate IV in Acting.

You'll explore acting techniques, get industry info, and find out more about what it means to be a professional actor.

For ages 15 to adult.

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Acting 101

Acting 101 ...The perfect acting course for beginners who are curious about acting! You'll be introduced to the fundamentals of acting through a range of drama games, acting activities and... a mini-performance in the last week!  You'll learn about what an actor does, how to work with scripts, how to improvise, and much more.

Learn your skills with a working actor, meet new people, and have a laugh along the way!

Learn in Canberra

On Screen

Introduction to acting for the camera

Want to learn how to act for film and television? In this amazing introductory course, you'll gain a great understanding of the techniques you need as an actor to succeed in this field. Starts April 2024.

Dance With Nathan


A dance class for students who have previously worked with Nathan Rutups in Thrive or Accredited Courses.

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The Actor's Process

Accredited Unit, part of the 10915NAT Certificate IV in Acting

A lot of actors run on instinct - without any technique to back them up. If you're ready to add technique to your toolkit as an actor, then you need to join 'The Actor's Process'! In this class you'll learn a process you can use every single time you meet a new script.

When: February - April 2025

On Stage

Actors on stage with theatrical lighting

Complete three accredited units in one project!
NAT10915008 Perform in a theatrical project
NAT10915001 Apply principles of professional practice

NAT10915005 Increase vocal capacity

Join this class and learn about what it means to be in a professional stage production. Study the process from rehearsal through to performance, and learn the expectations on the actor, and prepare your voice for theatre.

Starts rehearsal February, perform on stage in May 2024.

Past Courses

The Actor's Context

Learn about the history of acting and be inspired. Explore where acting came from, and find out about a wide range of theatre, film and television practitioners through the ages.

Shakespeare now canberra

Screen Experience

In this class, you'll learn about an actor's role and responsibilities in a film project, while you work on your screen acting technique. Under the guidance of a professional director, you'll play a role in a fully produced short film which can then become part of your actor's portfolio.

The Elements of Acting

Want to learn how to develop "real", natural performances for stage and screen, that draw on emotion and captivate your audience? We show you how, in The Elements of Acting! Taught by Perform Australia's Director of Artistic Development, James Scott.

The Auditions Skill Set


Refine your audition technique in this unique weekend intensive workshop! Learn all about industry expectations, how to source auditions, preparing your audition, self-taping, and much more!

Learn from master actor, Charles Allen.