Short Courses & Workshops At Perform Australia

Perform Australia runs a range of short courses in acting and related fields every year, in Brisbane and Canberra. Keep an eye on this page to see what's coming up.

Acting 101

Acting 101 Brisbane

Acting 101 ...The perfect acting course for beginners who are curious about acting! You'll be introduced to the fundamentals of acting through a range of drama games, acting activities and... a mini-performance in the last week!  You'll learn about what an actor does, how to work with scripts, how to improvise, and much more.

Learn your skills with a working actor, meet new people, and have a laugh along the way!

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Group acting class

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The Actor's Process

A lot of actors run on instinct - without any technique to back them up. If you're ready to add technique to your toolkit as an actor, then you need to join 'The Actor's Process'! In this class you'll learn a process you can use every single time you meet a new script.

Learn in Brisbane
Two student actors in front of the camera

On Screen
Introduction to acting for the camera

Want to learn how to act for film and television? In this amazing introductory course, you'll gain a great understanding of the techniques you need as an actor to succeed in this field.