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Are you looking for corporate training that’s fun and interesting? Or do you need a guest speaker for your next event?
At Perform Australia, we can custom-design a program to suit your needs – or you can choose from our suite of existing courses.

In corporate training, Perform Australia draws on acting technique, story theory, drama skills, and actor preparation processes to create real-world, workplace applications for non-actors. Using the vocabulary of performance, Perform Australia’s corporate training workshops present playful and insightful ways of solving workplace problems. Our training programs are practical, hands-on and most of all, fun! Our presenters are actors, script writers, directors, vocalists, dancers and other creatives working in the entertainment industry. Most are based in Canberra or Brisbane.

Past programs include:

  • Public speaking skills
  • Presentation skills: developing presence in life and work
  • Tell your story: using testimony for impact 
  • Team-building skills
  • Creativity workshops

But if you have other ideas, let us know and we'll design something to address the issues occurring in your workplace. Put in your request today by clicking the buttons below.

Corporate Training

Here are some of our most popular programs

Corporate training

Creativity in Leadership

A workshop on developing creativity in the workplace, for team leaders in organisations.

Creativity has been ranked by the World Economic Forum as one of the top three skills we need in the modern workplace. But how where does it come from, and how do we get it? Explore why we sometimes fear creativity and its power, and how we can overcome that fear and nurture it for innovation and greater productivity.

Brought to you by the co-founders of Perform Australia, James Scott (an actor) and Elizabeth Avery Scott (a playwright), you’ll walk away with not only greater understanding of the professional actor’s mindset, but also some practical ideas on how to encourage your workplace to be more creative. 

Length: Two hours

Impro to go

Impro to Go

Does your team need to bond? Or need to think faster on their feet? Or perhaps they've been working so hard they just need... to let off steam and have a laugh?

In this workshop participants embrace the fundamentals of improvised theatre. Through games, exercises and storytelling processes, participants increase their capacity to trust one another, learn about the "Yes And" principle to decrease negativity in the workplace, and develop self-confidence in their own capacity for on-the-spot creativity. Be ready to jump in - and have a lot of fun while it's happening. This workshop creates a highly memorable shared experience for all involved. 

Length: Full-day or 2.5 hour option

Presentation skills training

Presentation Skills

Developing Stage Presence

​Many presentations in the workplace are vitally important, especially when they advocate for new policies or initiatives which will change people’s lives. Sometimes, however, the ideas may be great - but poor presentation of them fails to win the votes that count.

The good news is that you can learn to enhance your influence through a study of stage presence - a term used to describe the actor’s ability to command an audience. By using the tools of the professional actor, you can appear more confident, more convincing, and be more authentic in your presentations. This involves adjusting your physicality, your vocal colour, your content, and even how you walk into the room on the day.
This workshop encourages participants to be more thoughtful and conscious of how they present themselves, in order to achieve greater influence when it matters most.

Length: Either Full Day or 2.5 hour option

Camera workshop

Presenting To Camera

Does your team need to make presentations online? Are you now livestreaming lectures, conferences or special events?... But are your viewing numbers down? Do your online presentations seem wooden or unengaging? Then we can help you out! Actors are used to acting for the camera, but non-actors haven't always had an opportunity to explore the best ways to deliver their material with a camera present. In this three-hour workshop, you'll be introduced to some of the key considerations, including eyelines, storytelling techniques, relaxing into the moment,  and speaking to the camera. 

Length: Three hours


Storytelling for non-profits

Do you have staff or volunteer advocates for your organisation, who need to share their personal stories as part of your charity work?

In this workshop we look at how to tell our own stories in a safe way that's cohesive and relevant to your non-profit's goals, whether that be fundraising, advocacy, awareness-raising or peer support.

Length: Two hours

Acting class brisbane

Customised Workshop

Do you have an idea for a workshop? Or have a particular problem you're trying to solve in your team? We can design a custom workshop to suit your context.

Just get in touch and tell us more about your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

on Corporate Training

Where do you train?

In some cases we can offer our studios in Griffith ACT, for your training. However, if you are based interstate, we can send trainers to you, when you cover the cost of travel and accommodation.

What kind of venue do you need for training?

We usually need a large open space for acting activities, chairs for participants, a whiteboard, and audio visual equipment. You can hire a room, come to our studio, or provide a room at your workspace for us to use.

Do you do crazy acting exercises in your training?

Some people worry about what might be in store in our corporate training, given we're a drama school! Whatever activities and exercises we opt to use in our training, they always have a point - and nothing is too difficult for anyone to try. You don't need any prior acting experience to participate. We make a point of setting up the training so that everyone feels safe and welcome from the outset. Generally there'll be some laughs and some fun. Just as children learn through play, so can adults!

Who have you worked with before?

We have worked with a range of government departments, as well as ANZSOG and ADFA, non-profits including The Red Cross, and Carers ACT, and other businesses.

How much does it cost?

After you put in an enquiry, we prepare a quote for you based on the number of participants, venue, travel and accommodation and any other expenses. You can usually expect around $300+GST per person for a two-hour workshop, plus other expenses. If you have a particular budget in mind, we may be able to work within it.

If we are creating a customised program, there will be additional costs associated with preparation. If you require catering, you can organise that yourself, or we can organise if for you.

Usually, you will pay a deposit on acceptance of the quote, and the balance is due on the first day of training.

Who teaches the courses?

Our corporate trainers are actors, directors, vocalists, and other experts in their field, who adapt their area of expertise to the workplace.  You can take a look at our 'Team' page to see some of our staff.

What do I wear to training?

Generally you and your participants need to wear comfortable, casual clothes (no high heels). Reason being, some of our activities require freedom of movement. Casual clothing also helps participants to relax and have fun.

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Studio, 2A Barker St, Griffith ACT 2603

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