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Acting, drama and musical theatre classes in Canberra and Queanbeyan

Acting is great for kids! It teaches them important life skills, such as working with others, standing up in front of an audience, thinking creatively and coming up with new ideas, and using their imagination. Plus - it's great fun! Check out our suite of classes below.

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The Academy Program

Full-time performing arts day school, Years 9-12, at our Griffith Campus, ACT


After-School Acting Classes

Children & Teens

Musical Theatre Shows


School Holiday Programs


What parents say about our classes

"Studying drama has been tremendous for our son Caelan's self-confidence, his imagination and added greatly to his boundless sense of fun!"

- Craig

"Our daughter has been attending here for three years now.  The programs, both weekly and school holiday programs, have been outstanding.  She has developed some wonderful skills and confidence. Drama is her thing, her place where she can just be herself.  Thank you to all the staff who have had such a positive influence in her development."

- Dominique

"My daughter was really keen to attend Perform but on her first night was so nervous I couldn't even get her through the door. One of the girls in the class came outside and was so lovely and reassuring that my daughter finally went in. At the end of the class she was so excited and happy and said she wished the class went for two hours! ... I would highly recommend Perform Australia to any parent considering an acting class for their child. They are very professional and will instill in your child a real sense of confidence."

- Jo

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