Acting Classes for kids and teens at Perform Australia

Find the acting or drama class that's right for your child in Canberra, Sydney or Brisbane...

Acting classes are an amazing way to:

  • Learn how to perform on stage and screen
  • Improve memory, through line learning
  • Develop speaking skills
  • Learn to work with a team
  • Ignite creativity
  • Express yourself in new ways
  • Make friends outside of school

Whether your child is just at the beginning of their acting journey, or dead keen on becoming a professional actor, we can cater for their needs with our suite of classes and performance experiences.

At Perform Australia, our programs are written by professional performers and educators and are designed to enrich your child's life.


Acting classes for ages 14-17

Screen Ready

Screen acting for ages 11-17

School-based programs

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Kaleen Primary School

What happens in a drama class?

Kids smiling in drama class

The Check-in

We begin with connection - checking in with the kids to see how they're going. This helps take the temperature of the room, as well as build friendships within the group.

Kids warming up in acting class

The Warm-up

Like athletes, actors warm up their voice and body. We spend a few minutes preparing for the work we're about to do. Sometimes it may also involve an energiser game.

Teenagers in acting workshop

The Learning

Here students focus on the key learning for the day - it might be theory, a technique, or a performance skill to practice. This usually involves workshopping it.

Kids in an acting class

Script work or rehearsal

Depending their age and reading ability, students will often move to apply their learning to a script, either a small in-class script, or one they're preparing for public performance.

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