Holiday Programs for Kids

in drama, acting and musical theatre

Perform Australia runs holiday programs for kids in drama, acting and musical theatre at our studios in Canberra and Brisbane.

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We practise COVID safety at our school holiday programs.

In the event of a lockdown, staffing issues due to COVID, or government restrictions preventing the program from running as planned, you'll be refunded for any fees paid in advance.

Pirates, Mermaids and High Sea Adventures! (ages 7-12)

Three-day drama workshop with performance

Pirates, Mermaids and High Sea Adventures Holiday

In this three-day drama workshop, you'll explore all the characters of the high seas - swashbuckling pirates, under-sea mermaids, travellers, and more. You'll do drama games, acting exercises, and work on scripts to get ready for your performance on the last day. Then, you'll perform live on stage in your very own play about life on the high seas!

WHEN: 9am-3pm, Monday 26th-Wednesday 28th September

WHERE: Perform Australia Studios, 11 Whyalla St, Fyshwick

COST: $250

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Supermodel Heights (ages 10-15)

A Two-day How-to-Model Workshop

Super Model Kids Program

Join our two-day holiday program in Modelling with our special guest, model and speaker, Jordan Martin.

In this two-day course, you'll work on three key skills for every aspiring model:

  • Mindset, or developing your thinking to manage and control what you're doing, plus keep your cool under pressure
  • Posing - striking a pose and holding it is harder than you think! Learn all the important posing styles, and how to do it like a supermodel
  • Runway - how to walk when modelling clothes at a fashion show. Learn all the expectations and tricks to working the runway.

PLUS - you'll perform your very own fashion show for family and friends on the last day!

AND you'll also get a professional photograph of yourself to keep, from our photo shoot session!

WHEN: Thursday 6th October - Friday 7th October inclusive

TIME: 9am-3pm each day

WHERE: Perform Australia Studios, 11 Whyalla St, Fyshwick ACT

COST: $195

The Actors Boot Camp (age 11-17)

A Two-day Screen Acting Workshop for Teenagers

Actors Boot Camp

Interested in becoming an actor? Wonder how you can get into the industry? In this two-day workshop, you'll learn about getting into movies, auditioning for roles, talent agents, acting techniques and more.

Alongside need-to-know info, you'll learn some key skills through acting exercises in front of the camera, drama games and scene work.

Meet new friends, have fun, and think about your possible future career up on the big screen!

WHEN: Thursday 29th - Friday 30th September inclusive

TIME: 9am-3pm

WHERE: Perform Australia Studios, 11 Whyalla St, Fyshwick ACT

COST: $180


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Past Holiday Programs

Viking and dragon

Dragons, Damsels & Vikings (ages 7-12)

Jump into medieval times with stories of dragons, damsels and vikings! Are dragons friends or foes? And what about the vikings? And are damsels always in distress - or can they be strong, independent women?

In our three-day holiday program, you'll have fun exploring our theme through drama games, learning acting skills, and performing in a dragons and vikings play at the end of the program!

Improv Extravaganza (ages 11-17)

Improv Extravaganza

What happens when you're an actor and you don't have a script to work with? You improvise, of course!

In this fantastic two-day workshop for teens, you'll have super-fun learning all the skills of the improviser. Through a series of improvisation games, you'll:

  • Gain more confidence thinking on your feet
  • Experiment with a range of themes, scenes and stories
  • Expand your understanding of performance
  • Learn more about using your physicality to fill the stage space
  • Develop a sense of comic effect
  • Present a performance to parents and friends on the last day.

Spy School

Three-day acting workshop - ages 7-12

Join us for our three-day acting workshop called 'Spy School'! Explore the theme of spies, villains and detectives through a range of drama games and acting exercises. PLUS you'll perform a play in the Perform Australia theatre for family and friends on the last day!

Spy School Holiday Program
Shakespeare now canberra

Shakespeare Now!

One-day Acting Workshop - 11-17 yrs

Is Shakespeare old and stuffy and boring? Hardly! Some would say he's the greatest playwright of all time - and his work is still relevant today. So this holiday program will introduce you to the wonders of Shakespeare and give you a chance to act in some of his work. In this one-day workshop you'll:

  • Explore some of the great themes of Shakespeare's work
  • Learn about acting in Shakespeare, and how it's different from acting in a modern play
  • Workshop and perform some scenes from Shakespeare and present them to family and friends at the end of the day.

Shakespeare can be a whole lot of fun - just you wait!!