5 Essential Skills Every Young Actor Should Develop

Boy in bow tie and hat acting on stage

Are you a young actor looking to gain the skills that will set you apart from other performers and push your career forward? Today, the performing arts are competitive, and it's essential to have a well-rounded skill set to stand out. Knowing which skills can be beneficial in taking your talent further can be helpful. With training opportunities like The Young Professionals Program, we've identified five essential skills every young actor should develop before pursuing their dream of becoming a professional performer. These five key areas will give up-and-coming performers the edge they need as they audition for roles and apply for industry jobs across Australia. So grab a cup of tea or coffee, sit back, and dive into these practical tips on preparing yourself for success!

Strengthen Your Voice with Vocal Exercises

As actors we speak of our voice and body as ‘The Actor’s Instrument’. Strengthening your voice is an actor’s essential, whether you are performing on stage or screen. Developing a regular vocal practice to work on projection, articulation, breath capacity and the resonance of your voice will help. Investing in vocal exercises a few times a week will improve your voice over time - it’s just like going to the gym for your voice. With the Young Professionals Program, you'll have access to industry-leading voice training while still at school as part of the 10915NAT Certificate IV in Acting. 

Learn How to Read a Script and Analyse the Text

Learning to read a script and analyse the text is essential for people working in the entertainment industry, but it can often be intimidating. Script analysis helps you understand where your character is coming from and gives you ideas on how to embody your character on stage or screen. With The Young Professionals Program from Perform Australia, you’ll learn this as part of your training. You’ll have a process for reading through, analysing what you read, and drawing your ideas together to make your character memorable. 

Explore Different Acting Techniques

Exploring different acting techniques can open up a world of possibilities to help you hone your craft and become the best actor you can be. Whether it's studying the ideas of Meisner, Spolin, Bogart, Laban or any others among the great theorists, you’ll learn to build your confidence and creativity as an actor. When you join Young Professionals, you’ll learn about all of these and more. You can even go further as an actor, looking at performance styles that interest you - such as circus arts or improv, which can add additional skills to your resume as a performer. 

Develop Your On-Camera Performance Skills

Developing on-camera skills is an integral part of success in the arts and entertainment industry. Knowledge of the screen industry is key to building a career as an actor. This means knowing the expectations on you as an actor when on set, knowing how to adjust your performance for different shot sizes, and understanding the processes involved during filming. In the Young Professionals program you’ll gain experience in front of the camera so you feel equipped to step into any role. Even if theatre is your favourite medium as a performer, knowing the ins and outs of screen performance will mean you can take on screen roles that come your way, whether it’s as brief a job as a TV commercial, or a feature film shooting over weeks or months.  The Young Professionals Program offers an excellent opportunity to hone these acting skills while still in school. 

As a young professional actor, finding ways to improve stage presence is integral to your career. Developing stage presence starts with becoming comfortable in front of an audience. While this can be challenging, the Young Professionals Program provides the perfect opportunity to gain experience in all aspects of the industry, from learning how to capture and hold your audience's attention to refining your presentation skills. With confidence and enthusiasm, you will have a stage presence that leaves a lasting impression.

Being a young professional is an incredible opportunity to make your mark. We cannot emphasise the importance of improving in all areas of acting, from vocal exercises to developing your on-camera performance skills enough. Knowing how to read a script and analyse the text is also highly beneficial for aspiring actors, as it allows them to represent the characters they are playing accurately. Understanding the different acting styles and honing your stage presence can prove essential in delivering successful performances. 

The Young Professionals Program at Perform Australia makes this process much easier and enables those with the potential to make their talent stand out. If you're passionate about performing, join us today and register now – let your voice be heard! Our friendly and engaging instructors will work closely with you to help you reach a higher level. So what are you waiting for? Don't miss out on this opportunity – seize it now!