Pema Yogini Yuphel

Teaching Artist

Pema Yogini

Pema Yogini Yuphel is an actress from Bhutan and possesses a diverse range of roles and accomplishments. As a student, actress, singer, and social worker, she actively engages in various endeavors. Furthermore, she serves as a youth representative and a youth content creator for UNICEF.

Within the realm of acting, Pema has appeared in 12 films, earning recognition as the lead actress in two of them. Her exceptional performances in these movies resulted in her receiving the Best Actress Award for both the roles. In addition to her film work, Pema has participated in seven theatrical productions, including Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice and Mother's Touch, and others all performed in her native language. She has also ventured into the realm of music, featuring in several MTVs, and has worked as a model for various advertisements.

Pema's involvement extends beyond the realm of the arts. She is dedicated to social work, actively contributing to her community. Her efforts have garnered her certificates of recognition for both her social work and her participation in workshops. Notably, she received personal praise from Bhutan's Queen Mother, who holds the esteemed position of President of the Youth Development in Bhutan. Additionally, foreign delegates have acknowledged Pema for her outstanding performances and contributions to the youth.

Most recently, Pema took part in a workshop organized by UNICEF South Asia, which took place in Nepal. The workshop aimed to empower youth, and her participation in this event showcases her commitment to fostering positive change and development.