The following terms and conditions apply to enrichment or leisure programs at Perform Australia. Different conditions apply to accredited courses and qualifications, which are outlined in the student handbook for those courses.

Terms and Conditions of Enrolment in Children's Programs

In order to ensure our classes are fun and safe, it's important that you and your child understand your obligations as a student of Perform Australia.

Upon enrolment, students are committing to attend all scheduled classes except in the event of illness. If a student is unable to attend classes, the student or parent must ring the Perform Australia office on 1300 908 905 prior to class. This is particularly important in the lead-up to performances where rehearsals may be affected by student absences.

Students are required to behave in a safe and helpful way that supports learning. This includes listening to instructions, participating in activities, and showing courtesy and respect to all students and teachers. Physical or verbal abuse of students or teachers will not be tolerated in Perform Australia classes.

Where children have been misbehaving, teachers will aim to speak to parents to work out solutions to problems together. However, Perform Australia reserves the right to exclude any child engaging in unruly or abusive behaviour and who continues to disrupt the class after warnings. No refund will be given to a student excluded from classes.

Food, gum, and drink (other than bottled water) are not permitted in classes.

Students should aim to arrive for classes on time so that they don't miss warm-ups and other introductory activities or announcements.

Students should ensure they have been to the bathroom before classes so that they do not have to disrupt the class activities for this purpose. This is particularly important for very young students.

Parents and siblings of students are not permitted to stay in classes to watch. Sometimes there are significant privacy issues involved with certain students, and we also find that having several adults present inhibits children's desire to participate in the activities freely as they feel like they are being watched. In order for students to get as much out of the class as possible, parents are not allowed to be present in the room unless there are extenuating circumstances that have been discussed with Perform Australia administration in advance.

Personal property is brought to class at the student's own risk. Perform Australia and its staff takes no responsibility for the loss or damage of personal property brought to class. In particular, students should not bring toys to class.

Fees are payable by filling out a secure online payment authorisation form with our payment partner Ezidebit, as the last step of enrolment.

If your child enjoys classes, and wishes to continue with classes for multiple terms into the future, you may find it convenient to join and use the Ezidebit direct debit system. With this system, payment for classes is deducted automatically from your nominated credit card or bank account by Ezidebit in the case of a recurring enrolment, the week prior to Term recommencement.
Failure to pay class fees for future classes may result in exclusion from Perform Australia classes. Overdue fees may incur a $25.00 late fee.

For students enrolled in term classes, enrolment into the following Term is automatic unless notice is given by the customer to withdraw the student by the conclusion of the previous Term. If a student withdraws after payment but before the start of Term, a refund will be given minus a $25 administration fee.

In the event that a student joins a course part-way through, the course fee may be calculated on a pro-rata basis.

Unless otherwise indicated, Perform Australia classes will not be held on Public Holidays.
On request, students may take a trial class, subject to agreement with the Perform Australia office and the class teacher.

No refunds or make-up classes will be provided for missed classes due to illness, school camps, travel plans or other student-related reasons.

All class bookings include a $25 non-refundable deposit to secure a position in the class. Where refunds are given, $25 will be retained. In the event that a student withdraws before a class commences, a refund minus the $25 fee will be given.
In the event that a scheduled course is cancelled by Perform Australia, a full refund will be provided. Alternatively, the student may be offered a place in a similar class at the same price.

In the event that a student withdraws from a Perform Australia term-time class, a refund of class fees may be available as follows:
- No refunds are given after Week 4 in the term, for change of mind or other reasons.

- If the withdrawal occurs after the commencement of a course, but before Week 4, and where the full term's fees have already been paid, a refund for the remaining weeks of the term will be available minus a $25 administration fee.

In the event that a student withdraws from a Perform Australia holiday program after its commencement, no refund will be provided.

Students are expected to uphold COVID safety rules, like hand sanitising and social distancing.

From time to time, it may be necessary to move face-to-face classes online, where a teacher is ill with COVID or another illness, lockdown occurs or other government restrictions are in place. We will notify you of any changes in this regard.

From time to time your child may be photographed or videoed at Perform Australia as part of a class acting exercise, a filmmaking project, at performances, or for Perform Australia's promotional purposes. By enrolling with Perform Australia, you are agreeing to allow your child to be photographed or filmed for these purposes. Images used in a promotional manner include, but are not limited to, on the company website, in brochures and on social media. If you do not wish your child to be filmed or photographed for any reason, please contact the office in writing at

Terms and conditions for Adult Enrolment in Leisure and Enrichment programs

Adults enrolling in our short courses and non-accredited courses are subject to the following enrolment conditions.

1. I understand that by signing up to this course I am expected to attend all scheduled classes, rehearsals and performances.
2. COVID PRECAUTIONS: I understand I will not be permitted to attend class if I am experiencing any signs or symptoms of COVID-19, in accordance with Perform Australia's COVIDSAFE plan. In addition:
- I will notify Perform Australia on 1300 908 905 if I am sick or will be absent as my absence may affect others rehearsing/working/performing with me.
- I will notify Perform Australia if I am diagnosed with coronavirus and I may have been contagious while attending Perform Australia classes.
- I will notify Perform Australia if I am in a high-risk health group.
- I will comply with instructions around hand sanitising and social distancing.
- If a lockdown is called by the government, or any other state of emergency or natural disaster occurs, I understand my class may move to online learning, and that this counts as a regular class and no ther makeup classes will be provided.
- If government requirements state I must provide a vaccination certificate before attending a class, I will do so.
- If indoor mask wearing is mandated for a period of time, I will bring and wear my own mask to class.
3. I agree to pay all my fees before the course begins, unless arranged otherwise with the office.
4. I understand that if a teacher is ill or unable to attend a class for personal reasons, a substitute teacher may be provided. In the event that a substitute teacher cannot be found at late notice, I understand that Perform Australia will make every effort to contact me to advise if a class is to be cancelled or rescheduled to another time.
5. If I begin attending a weekend course, and I withdraw from the course mid-way through the course, or do not return for the second day of training, I understand I am not entitled to a refund for the remainder of the course.
6. If Perform Australia cancels a program in its entirety, I understand a refund will be given to me.
7. If, due to unforeseen circumstances, such as tutor illness, a course needs to be postponed, Perform Australia will contact me to consult as to whether I would like a refund or to transfer my enrolment to the new course date.
8. I understand that an admin fee of $50 will be charged if I enrol into a course but do not show up to any classes, without notifying Perform Australia that I do not intend to participate.